Hall: Complete Guide to Major & Minor Scales, Volume 3 (Bach Scholar Edition Vol. 92) for Keyboard


BachScholar Editions Vol. 92Complete Guide to Major & Minor Scales, Volume 3 (75 pages), written especially for piano teachers and students, continues the 24 major and minor scales learned in Volume 2. Volume 3, for advanced to concert level students (Grades 8-11), presents all scales in double thirds and sixths one and two octaves in parallel and contrary motion indicated with practical fingerings derived from symmetrical, mirror relationships. Practicing major and minor scales in double thirds and sixths is the cornerstone of the highly esteemed “Russian Piano School,” which trains the pianist to play two notes at a time in each hand requiring strength and flexibility not possible with the practice of single-note scales. Volume 3 is accompanied with weekly lesson plans freely available to the public on The Well-Rounded Pianist website, hence, this is not merely a “scale book” but a “complete scale guide” with step-by-step instructions written especially for teachers and students. The manuscript is large, dark, and very easy to read, making this an indispensable guide for teachers’ studios and piano students at the advanced to concert levels.

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