Scanning and Archiving

In order to utilize Subito Music Corporation’s state-of-the-art digital printing processes, musical works created before the advent of computer notation need to be transferred to current digital printing formats. Most of these musical works exist as either hand-copied manuscripts or print- outs from notation programs that are no longer available.

SMC’s scanning service is a reliable way to preserve and rehabilitate older manuscripts in deteriorating condition.

Original manuscripts (on paper, vellum, transparency, microfilm, etc.) can be converted into digitized computer files (pcx, tif, jpg & pdf). Other services include:

  • Clean-up of masters as necessary (billed at an hourly rate)
  • Conversion of original scores to an easy-to-print PDF format
  • Organization, storage, and preservation of files
  • Provide copies as needed

Total Cost to be determined by specific aspects of each job including: size of pages; total number of pages; number of copies to be printed; and cover specifications.

Access “Digital Music File Guidelines for Publication” PDF

Digital Guidelines