436 Two-Part Chorales (Bach Scholar Editions Volume 84) the Ultimate Edition for Performance, Study & Sight-Reading


Vol. 84 — J.S. BACH: 436 Two-Part Chorales — Essential Studies in Counterpoint, Musicianship & Sight-Reading (169 pages). This premium Urtext edition presents Bach’s 436 four-part chorales with the inner voices (alto and tenor) removed, which is equal in difficulty to the “Grades 3-4” lines in BachScholar’s bestselling Sight-Reading & Harmony. These simple yet profoundly beautiful 436 chorales serve as excellent preparation for the reading and playing of pieces featuring 1:1 and 1:2 counterpoint, such as two-part Inventions and fugues, and make Bach’s chorales accessible to less advanced students who are unable to play all four parts. Performers will marvel at the clear and easy to read manuscript and will be delighted in having no page turns between chorales.

The 436 chorales are arranged in alphabetical order (in German) according to each chorale melody (hymn tune), which are accompanied with English translations. This edition also includes a 15-page table of contents with background information of each chorale, a list of the chorales in BWV order for easy reference, and an alphabetical list of composers of the chorale melodies. Ideal for piano and organ teachers and students as well as college and university courses in ear training, sight-reading, harmony, theory, and counterpoint.

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