Lee: Theodore Front Page

This month, James Lee III is the featured composer on the home page of music dealer Theodore Front.

“Each month, Theodore Front Musical Literature features works by a contemporary living composer whose recent activities, we believe, deserve recognition. While they are busy making great music, fulfilling commission requests, preparing their scores for upcoming performances, frequently the availability of their works is not widely known to academic music libraries, performers, students and other music professionals. We have carefully followed and studied James Lee III’s recent activities and we are proud to feature him as our June composer of the month.”

Lately, during this time of Covid-19 isolation, Lee has been keeping busy – as he usually does – by composing. Several upcoming projects include two concertos, several works for orchestra, and a chamber piece. In addition to writing music, he’s been taking some time to teach Bible studies, to read a few religious books such as “The Hebrew Prophets and their Social World,” along with the other titles like “Africans and Americans” – a study about race and its impact on Aboriginal Americans. He’s also studying Hebrew and Spanish and watching Spanish-language films. Lee began practicing again – he’s a pianist in case you didn’t know – and he’s working on some Bach, Schumann, and Chopin. Finally, Lee admits, “Sometimes I play my Fifa 20 (soccer) X-box game.”