Abels’ Captivating and Exciting Music!

Abels K. Mcbeth 1 A

Kevin McBeth

“I’m excited about Michael Abels’ music!” So notes conductor Kevin McBeth, when on February 22, he leads the Saint Louis Symphony in a performance of Abels’ works Dance for Martin’s Dream and Outburst. The concert is part of the orchestra’s 2013 Black History Month Celebration.

McBeth continues, “I really enjoy Michael’s music. While the Saint Louis Symphony has previously programAbels Dance for MDream scoremed his works, I was new to them. When I was reading through these scores, they grabbed me. I found them captivating, and I think they’re pieces that engage listeners. They’re audience friendly because they will evoke a personal, immediate response and have a wonderful way of drawing in the listener. Outburst makes a great statement and is a good way to open a program with its dramatic, full-use of color and sophisticated rhythmic material. With this year’s 50th Anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” speech, Dance for Martin’s Dream is the perfect way to musically honor that historic turning point in American history, and it’s wonderfully written.”


Dance for Martin’s Dream is a celebration of the progress that has been achieved by Dr. King and those who marched with him, and the difference their courage has made in the lives of my generation.” — Michael Abels


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