Exciting to Choreograph!

“Paul Moravec is a wonderful composer.” That’s what Richard Weiss, artistic director of the Carolina Ballet said about Moravec on the eve of the Carolina Ballet’s revival of “The Time Gallery” which opens on September 15, 2011. Originally premiered in fall 2008, “Time Gallery” runs through October 2, 2011 for 11 performances.

Weiss continues, “A few years ago, I was inspired by Paul’s Pulitzer Prize-winning score Tempest Fantasy Hearing a newer piece — The Time Gallery, I was compelled to again set visual imagery to his music. I have always been fascinated by the ways in which we, as temporal beings, react to time—the cycles of life, the cycle of the day, the way time seems to slow down on some occasions and other times dissipate before our eyes, and, finally, how our memories often seem to affect our relationship to time’s passing.

“All of this seemed embodied in ‘Time Gallery,’ which, as pure music, has many complex rhythms and instrumental textures upon which to build the architecture of a dance through time. The piece is fantastic and the dancers enjoyed learning it. Paul varied each section — each one is ‘about something’ so the music is dynamic, and it was exciting to choreograph.”

Moravec’s busy schedule includes two world premieres in March 2012: his new Wind Symphony with the University of Florida (Gainesville) Concert Band, and the Buffalo Philharmonic’s first performance the Montserrat Concerto for cello and orchestra.

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