Susan Kander – Discography


Susan Kander: Hermestänze – Jacob Ashworth, violin & viola; Lee Dionne, piano; Jessica Petrus, soprano (MSR Classics MS 1578)


Bassoon Transcended – Christin Schillinger, bassoon; Jed Moss, piano (MSR Classics 1439)

The Lunch Counter: A Musical Play in 7 Movements

Overheard – Michele Fiala, oboe; William Averill, piano; Martin Schuring, oboe; Donald Speer, piano (MSR Classics MS 1403)

Postcards from America for oboe and piano

Susan Kander: Five Movements for my Father – Keith Phares, baritone; Roberta Gumbel, soprano; Suzanne Ornstein, violin; Lino Gomez, clarinet/sax; Eric Bartlett, cello; Thomas Schmidt, piano (Susan Kander

Five Movements for My Father; Pas de Deux for Clarinet, Cello and Chimes; A Cycle of Songs

Imaginary Symphony and Other Tales, Music of Anthony Piccolo – Moravian Philharmonic Orchestra; Peter Vronsky, cond.; Campanella Children’s Chorus; Petr Nousovsky, cello; The Hamelin Children’s Chorus; Anthony Piccolo, cond.; Ladislav Bilan, percussion; Lucie Kaucká, celesta; Marta Talábová, flutes; Zuzana Rzounková, Martin Paulik, Martin Sokol, Jaroslav Hubeck, horns; Vít Mužík, cond.  (Navona Records NV5904)

Original Text for Fever Time