Zaimont: Beautifully Crafted



Judith Lang Zaimont’s music is beautifully crafted.” Jim Svejda, host of Los Angeles-based KUSC-FM’s “The Evening Program,” invites listeners to tune in on November 3 and listen when Zaimont is the featured composer of the program. The three-hour interview showcases several Zaimont works including: Monarchs: Movements for Orchestra; Pure, Cool (Water) – Symphony No. 4, Serenade, and String Quartet “The Figure.” The show airs from 9:00pm – midnight (Pacific Time) and can be heard anytime on


Jim Svedja, courtesy:

Svejda continues. “I asked Judith to be a guest on the program because she’s obviously one of the major American composers of her generation, in addition to being one of the most charming and eloquent —- something I’ve learned over the years from several mutual friends, and something our recent interview confirmed (and then some!). Her music is not only assessable in the best possible sense, but zaimont-pure-cool-score-convis also colorful, haunting, and exhilarating. Her music always has important things to say (beyond the expert manipulation of the notes themselves). In short, it’s some of the most important and entertaining music being written anywhere today and I’m delighted she’s able to share it with KUSC’s audience.”