Zaimont: Important & Groundbreaking

From February 14-19, 2021, The University of South Florida (USF) School of Music (Tampa, FL) presents Judith Lang Zaimont in a virtual composer-residency, hosted by the school’s New-Music Consortium. Zaimont’s residency includes: an interview with local station Classical WSMR; a presentation to the USF Composition Department, and a portrait concert of her music featuring three […] Read more »

Zaimont: COMPOSER IN RESIDENCE Portrait Concert

Concert: Zaimont: COMPOSER IN RESIDENCE Portrait Concert Start Date: 2002-02-14 Start Time: 00:00:00 End Date: 2002-02-19 End Time: 00:00:00 Location: University of South Florida Link: Concert Information: The New-Music Consortium School of Music Tampa, FL Read more »