Rental FAQs

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Show the answer How far in advance should I place my rental order?
You should place your rental order as far in advance as possible; we will gladly accept orders up to one year in advance. While we don’t wish to discourage anyone from contacting us with urgent requests, the nature of music rentals makes it difficult to be certain that materials will be in stock without sufficient advanced notice and the closer you place your order to the date you require materials, the greater the chance of printing delays and additional costs.
Show the answer How do I place a rental order? What is the procedure?
Please complete a rental order form on our website to place an order. Once we have received your request, we will email you all required forms to sign and return via fax, email, or mail. Your order is considered finalized only after we have received signed copies of all required documents. We will then ship materials accordingly.
Show the answer For how long are the materials provided?
Our standard rental period is eight weeks before the first performance, and materials are due back two weeks after the last performance. Additional rental periods may be purchased in four week increments if materials are required for a longer period of time.
Show the answer What is a “Rush” Fee?
If your order is placed, payment completed, or contract and credit card authorization form returned 10 business days or less prior to the date requested, a $150 rush fee and expedited shipping fees may apply.

Show the answer When will my order arrive?
You can generally expect your order to arrive on or before the date you specify on your order. We recommend that you choose a date well in advance of your first rehearsal as delivery dates are not guaranteed.
Show the answer How do I rent an opera, ballet, or other staged work?
If you plan to program the work in its entirety, you will need a Grand Rights License. Please contact us at to obtain the required forms.
Show the answer How do I obtain a perusal score?
To inquire about perusals, please use the perusal request form on our website.
Show the answer I’d like to do a webcast, radio broadcast, or perform the materials synchronized with video. May I do this?
Please include this information in your rental order, and we will contact you with additional information.
Show the answer Our concert is educational in nature. May we have a discount?
Please provide us with details regarding how your performance is educational in nature when you place your order.
Show the answer I am a student planning a recital, or a graduate assistant. How can I obtain rental music?
Please ask your ensemble library or music department administrator to contact us to process your order or set up an account, and ask them to let us know that the performance in question is for a student recital. We are not able to accept rental agreements signed by students.
Show the answer How will my music be shipped? How much will it cost?
We ship all orders via UPS. Our shipping is a flat rate with the return shipment included in most cases; if applicable, you will receive a return label and instructions. The return shipment, when applicable, is included in the shipping costs that we charge and is not refundable if not used. We are happy to ship materials via an expedited method, but your organization will be responsible for the additional cost of these methods.
Show the answer When and how do I pay for my rental order?
WhenFor most transaction, payment is due at the time of contracting, prior to the shipment of any material.


Credit Card:
Standard payment is processed by credit card. You will be provided with a credit card authorization form at the time of contracting for the payment of all fees associated with each order.

Check or Bank Transfer:
For institutions without access to a credit card, we require complete prepayment by check or bank transfer prior to shipment of any material. The check or transfer should be submitted at the time of contract return and must include your transaction or invoice number. Any funds received without a relevant transaction or invoice number will cause a delay in shipment. Most check processing takes approximately 10 business days. No material will ship until the process is completed.

Show the answer What materials are included in a rental set?
A rental set contains a score for the conductor and at least one copy of any required part. If required by the instrumentation, a set of strings will also be provided.
Show the answer What if I need more copies of a part than you provided?
As part of our rental agreement, you are allowed to make additional photocopies of materials as needed provided all parts are either destroyed or returned to us at the conclusion of your performances.
Show the answer I just received the materials. Do I need to do anything else before we begin rehearsing?
Please check carefully the materials shipped to you against the included packing slip, and notify us immediately if there are any discrepancies. Unfortunately, we will have to hold your organization responsible for any discrepancies if we are not notified in writing within five business days from the receipt of the materials.  Please save the included box, UPS return label, and all packing material for reuse when you return your materials.
Show the answer What if we lose a part?
If you return materials incomplete, you will be billed a missing parts fee at the rate specified in your rental agreement. If you subsequently find and return the missing materials, we will issue a credit for fifty percent of the lost materials charge.
Show the answer I have gathered some materials for return, but some materials are still missing. Should I send what I have, or wait?
Materials should be returned in either one package or as delivered; if you are unable to do so, please contact us before returning materials.
Show the answer Where should I return materials?
Unless we ask you to do otherwise in writing, please return all materials ordered from us to:

Subito Music Rental Library
60 Depot Street
Verona, NJ 07044
Show the answer I have a question that I don’t see above, or I don’t understand something about the rental process. Can you help?
Absolutely! You may find the answer you are looking for in your rental agreement or in the return policy sent with your music, but if something about the process is still unclear please don’t hesitate to contact us by phone or email.