Olsson: Da pacem, Domine (Give peace in our time, O Lord) for SSAA div, a cappella


This powerful plea for peace makes a fine invocation, or opening selection for a concert dedicated to issues of nonviolence, war and peace. Easier than it appears, its clear tonal center provides a firm footing for introducing techniques such as sudden harmonic changes and gradually built tone clusters. Sung by the Peninsula Women’s Chorus, Dr. Patricia F. Hennings, Director, at the 1992 Western Division ACDA convention in Honolulu, this piece is exceptionally rewarding for both singers and audience. SSAA (some divisi)a cappella; Latin; 2 pages; duration: 2:00 min.; range: e to a”; difficulty: medium. Instrumentation: SSAA div, a cappella
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Olsson, Hãkan


SSAA div, a cappella

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