Bianchi: Illumine Divergence


In dedication to her daughter and Flutist, Kayla Noelle, this piece was commissioned by Jacqueline Fornari to commemorate the completion of Kayla’s M.M. Degree from UNCSA.

While creating this work, I focused on infusing the music with ambient sounds, rich harmonic language, extended techniques, and beautiful melodies that would highlight the many facets of flute performance. It was my ambition to create music that would showcase a high level of artistry and craft, while evoking the essence of change and growth through a type of reflective evolution. As this work celebrates new uncharted beginnings, the title, Illumine Divergence seemed apropos as illumine means: to illuminate; or to light the path; to hold a hopeful connotation, while divergence depicts the change or metamorphosis within the change. It was imperative to emphasize the beauty of change and progression not only present within the music, but to overtly symbolize the connection of the progression of time and achievements with accomplishments and events yet to be discovered., hence concluding the work with a sense of lingering mystery.

Instrumentation: Flute & Piano
Duration: 7’30”
Composed: 2023
Published by: Pelaga Publications

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Bianchi, Dinah


Flute & Piano



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