Primiani: A Great Discovery

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“When Federico was looking for a new piece for his concert series in Strasbourg, we connected on social media. I was thrilled to learn that he found Crystal Cathedral, and that he will give the European premiere.”

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Federico Palacios

And so, Leanna Primiani shares how on Valentine’s Day — in Strasbourg, France — the new music group l’ ensemble Mo will offer the European premiere of her work Crystal Cathedral, as part of the ensemble’s inaugural concert. Clarinetist Federico Palacios performs the work, joined by pianist Célia Schmitt.

Palacios shares some thoughts about “discovering” Crystal Cathedral. “Leanna was a great discovery! I’m a freelance clarinetist living in Strasbourg, France. Some time ago, I met with other professional musicians to create a new ensemble in the Alsace region. Finally, after some hard work, our patience has been rewarded — ensemble Mo presents its debut concert on February 14th.”

Primiani Crystal Cathedral scoreHe continues, “For the inaugural concert, I wanted to perform something new, something special and something different. I’d been searching for months for a work with those characteristics. I was almost on [the verge of] desperation when suddenly I found Leanna on the web. She told me about Crystal Cathedral, and it was love at first sight! Her piece is a wonderful discovery — a must-have for any clarinetist who loves good and beautiful music. Every musical idea of Crystal Cathedral demands that the performer really study the score. It opens us up to limitless musical expressiveness and a palette of unimaginable colors. I didn’t hesitate to add Leanna’s piece to our debut concert. [It’s] a special piece for a special moment.”