Moravec: Feels So Natural

Preston Chamblee

“Creating a piece to Paul Moravec’s music feels so natural.” On the eve of the premiere of the ballet “Scorpio Desert,” dancer (NYC Ballet) and choreographer Preston Chamblee talks about his latest project which was created in collaboration with the Pulitzer Prize-winning composer. The new one-movement, 13-minute ballet is scored for flute, clarinet, horn, trombone, percussion and strings. “Scorpio Desert” premieres on October 23, presented by BalletCollective — founded by fellow NYC Ballet dancer and choreographer Tony Schumacher. The season-opening program takes place at the Gelsey Kirkland Arts Center in Brooklyn, and features live music performed by The Knights orchestral collective. Chamblee shares more about this “natural” collaboration. “The melodic ascensions and dips in Paul’s music match beautifully to choreography. It made it so enjoyable and easy to choreograph.”

Scene from “Scorpio Desert.” Photo: Meyrem Bulucek; courtesy: BalletCollective

Tony Schumacher comments. “At BalletCollective, we’re focused on connecting artists at the forefront of their forms to collaborate closely and explore new forms of expression. The results are unexpected and always fresh. Paul’s music really makes listeners feel something inside of themselves, which is also a skill that the talented young choreographer Preston Chamblee is exploring in his work. Pairing them together has been wonderful to observe and how they have led one another to new places. ‘Scorpio Desert’ takes audiences on a journey in 13 minutes.” Subsequent performances of “Scorpio Desert” take place on the 25th and 26th.

More Moravec news: On October 30, the Passacaglia Quartet performs the composer’s Passacaglia (for piano trio) at Fordham University’s Lincoln Center Campus.