Galbraith: Such a Thrill

Galbraith Midnight ChamOrch Pitts

This past summer, Nancy Galbraith’s chamber piece Midnight Stirring premiered at the National Flute Association Convention. This fall, the work receives another premiere — this time in its new chamber orchestra version performed by the Chamber Orchestra of Pittsburgh. Music director Edward Leonard leads the ensemble on October 1 at Chatham University in Pittsburgh, PA.

Leonard comments.Galbraith Galbraith Midnight cham orch -Poster crop “The Chamber Orchestra of Pittsburgh is very pleased to open its 2015-16 season with a new work, Midnight Stirring, by Pittsburgh composer Nancy Galbraith. Part of the ensemble’s mission is to perform new pieces and having Nancy on board as one of the preeminent composers in the Pittsburgh area is such a thrill…This arrangement works fantastically for chamber orchestra and is a wonderful selection to be featured on our season-opening concert.”

Galbraith talks about her work. “Midnight Stirring begins with a solo violin melody followed by low chords, reflecting a slightly ominous atmosphere.” Its character has somewhat of a nocturnal flavor — perhaps the composer’s imagining of the night-time activities of forest wildlife. She continues, “The opening unfolds into a livelier ostinato, over which a melody is harmonized with rich 7th chords. Although primarily melodic, the music incorporates the use of many lively rhythmic grooves and textures.”

Upcoming: Spring 2016 brings three more Galbraith world premieres — Concerto for Brass Quintet, Concerto for Baroque Flute and Viola, and the choral work Smoke and Steel.