Galbraith: Inspired by Her Music


galbraith-resworks-logo-edit“I’ve known Nancy Galbraith for over two decades, beginning as a high-school composition student; and I have  been continually inspired by her music.”

So notes conductor Maria Sensi Sellner on the eve of Resonance Works (Pittsburgh, PA) September 23 performance of Galbraith’s Effervescent Air, and the world premiere of the new orchestral version of Other Sun. Joined by the Cello Fury ensemble, baroque flutist Stephen Schultz, and pianist Uliana Kozhevnikova, Sellner leads the Resonance Chamber Orchestra.

Conductor Maria Sensi Sellner

Effervescent Air is a 14-minute, three-movement work for amplified solo instruments, percussion and strings that premiered in 2012 by the Carnegie Mellon Baroque Ensemble. Other Sun, in its original 12-minute version, premiered in 2009 at Carnegie Mellon University and is written in three-movements for chamber ensemble and electro-acoustic elements. Its new expanded orchestration features solo electric Baroque flute, electric cello trio, flute, clarinet, percussion, piano, and strings.

galbraith_resonanceworks-premiereSellner continues. “Nancy’s music always expresses her unique voice while honoring many influences ranging from J.B. Bach to rock. From A Festive Violet Pulse to Missa Mysteriorum, to Psalm 42, Four Nature Canticles, and many others, Nancy’s music has been a part of my life as a musician. (I even had several of her pieces as part of my wedding!) It is a privilege to share her music and our passion for it in these concerts.” The program repeats on September 25.

More Galbraith news: On September 15, Galbraith’s new piano, four-hand version of Effervescent Air received its premiere by pianists Luz Manriquez and Sung-Im Kim at Carnegie Mellon University.