Galbraith: Groovy and Acrobatic

Alyssa Wang, violin

“I consider it an enormous privilege to bring to life the groovy and acrobatic music of Nancy Galbraith.” On the eve of the February 8 world premiere of Galbraith’s Violin Concerto No. 1, soloist Alyssa Wang introduces us to the composer’s newest orchestral work. Daniel Nesta Curtis leads the Carnegie Mellon Contemporary Ensemble (Pittsburgh, PA) in the first performance.

Wang, a former student of Galbraith’s,continues. “This concerto has grown to be extremely personal and meaningful to me. It’s rare to play the music of a female composer and to create something powerful with another woman, especially given current events…Nancy and I both attended the Women’s Marches on January 21st, and it was really on that day that I realized what her music was saying to me. During these past few weeks that we’ve been tweaking the concerto, for me, it has become a kind of symbol of female empowerment, of resistance and persistence. It is both hopeful and relentless. Nancy has really written something spectacular that has unleashed a voice that I have never expressed in music before. I can’t wait to share it with everyone.”

Daniel Nesta Curtis, conductor

Daniel Nesta Curtis comments on the upcoming premiere. “Nancy Violin Concerto is the third work in as many years that I’ve had the pleasure to premiere with the wonderful musicians of the CMU Contemporary Ensemble.  Nancy’s music is full of infectious rhythmic grooves and beautiful harmonic progressions; but, in this new concerto, there is a special energy and virtuosic flair.  I could not be more excited to collaborate once again with Alyssa Wang, who was the inspiration for this new work. Nancy has written a piece that totally captures Alyssa’s swagger and musical depth.”