Galbraith: Full of Rhythmic Energy

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On June 20, organist David Goode premieres Nancy Galbraith’s new work Sing with all the Saints in Glory. Commissioned by the American Guild of Organists (AGO), Sing with all the Saints in Glory part of the AGO’s commissioning project to create new organ works based on familiar hymns. The hymn text “Sing with All the Saints in Glory” is credited to author William J. Irons (1873), and has been set to several hymn tunes including Beethoven’s well-known “Ode to Joy” from the final movement of the Ninth Symphony. Goode presents the first performance of Galbraith’s setting during the AGO’s 2016 National Convention in Houston, TX.

Galbraith David Goode photo

Organist David Goode; photo: Graham Keutenius

Good briefly shares some thoughts on Galbraith’s new work. “It’s a great privilege to be giving the premiere of Nancy Galbraith’s Sing with All the Saints in Glory. She has written something that is most attractive and vibrant, full of rhythmic energy. I think it’ll work well on the organ of Foundry Methodist Church, which possesses both clarity and power; but it is widely adaptable for different organs. It’s comfortably written fGalbraith AGO logoor the instrument, and shows off its grandeur without being over-difficult; so all in all it’s the sort of piece which really ought to find a good niche in the organ repertoire – particularly as a liturgical item – [and] I hope it does!” For complete convention details, visit the AGO.

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