Galbraith: A Stunning Addition

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On August 15, the Columbia Flute Choir presents the world premiere of Nancy Galbraith’s new work Midnight Stirring. Commissioned by the ensemble, the one-movement, seven-minute work will be featured during the 2015 National Flute Association Convention (NFA) in Washington, DC.

Sharyn Byer, the ensemble’s music director, comments, “Columbia Flute Choir is delighted to Galbraith Midnight Natl Fl Assn logobe premiering Nancy Galbraith’s Midnight Stirring. We’ve performed her popular work Streaming Green many times…” The ensemble toured Streaming Green several times in 2010, which included a performance at the White House. In 2014, the group traveled to Pittsburgh and performed it with the composer in attendance. Afterward, the Columbia Flute Choir asked Galbraith to write a new work for its performance at the 2015 NFA Conference.

Galbraith describes her new work. “The opening of Midnight Stirring highlights the warmth of the lower flutes and reflects a slightly ominous atmosphere. This opening unfolds into a livelier ostinato over which a melody harmonized by rich 7th chords occurs. The sections, although primarily melodic, incorporate the use of many lively rhythmic grooves and textures.” Byer adds, “We’re thrilled that Nancy’s written a new piece for us to premiere. Nancy’s deftness at weaving intricate rhythms and melodies makes her music exciting for performers and audGalbraith Columbia Fl Choir photoiences alike! Midnight Stirring is a stunning addition to the flute choir repertoire indeed!”

(Photo: Columbia Flute Choir; courtesy: Sharyn Byer)