DBR: Relevant, Exciting and Meaningful

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Jason Weinberger, Artistic Director and CEO; photo courtesy: Waterloo-Cedar Falls Symphony


On April 11, the Waterloo-Cedar Falls Symphony presents its “Rediscover” concert featuring the music of its artist-in-residence, Daniel Bernard Roumain (DBR). DBR joins the orchestra as soloist, when Artistic Director and CEO Jason Weinberger conducts the composer’s Woodbox Violin Concerto, and presents the premiere of his new work “A Young Person’s GPS for Our Orchestra; Themes and Variations on Haitian Folk Song.”

Jason Weinberger comments. “This remarkably diverse and entertaining program was co-conceived with Daniel Roumain.” The “Rediscover” program includes American music by Barber, Copland and Ives, with the contemporary voices of Joan Tower and DBR. Weinberger continues, “Daniel and I began with a very specific premise: that orchestral music should belong to its listeners. This idea of ownership — in the broadest sense — inspired us to create a concert whose music reflects our audience, rooted in American history and culture but also increasingly and meaningfully impacted by contemporary ideas and global influences.

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Artist-in-Residence DBR participates in a Waterloo-Cedar Falls Symphony educational program at Orange Elementary; photo courtesy: Waterloo-Cedar Falls Symphony

“Here at Waterloo-Cedar Falls Symphony, we’re big believers in performing music that defies categorization, and this weekend’s performance of Woodbox Violin Concerto is a perfect example of that approach. From driving hip hop beats to intricate counterpoint, to bold, brassy orchestral fanfares, this piece and Daniel’s electrifying playing form an incredible spectrum of sound which reinforces our concert’s message of diversity and DBR Woodbox Violin scdemocracy…Another noteworthy aspect of this program is the way in which it highlights how our orchestra serves as a community resource through educational engagement with young people…In featuring Daniel and his music, our hope is to shape students’ perceptions of the arts as relevant, exciting and meaningful to their world.” For detailed concert information – which includes a pre-concert talk, visit the Waterloo-Cedar Falls Symphony.

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