Judith Lang Zaimont – Discography

Judith Lang Zaimont


Art Fire Soul: Piano Works of Judith Lang Zaimont (2-disc box set) – Elizabeth Moak, piano (MSR Classics 1366)

Sonata; Calendar Collection (excerpts); Jupiter’s Moons; Wizards – Three Magic Masters; Nocturne: La Fin de Siècle; A Calendar Set – 12 Virtuosic Preludes; Cortège for Jack; “Jazz Waltz” (from Suite Impressions); American City: Portrait of New York; Hesitation Rag; Reflective Rag; Judy’s Rag; Serenade

JUDITH LANG ZAIMONT: Piano Music – Christopher Atzinger, piano (Naxos 8.559665)

Sonata; Nocturne ‘La fin de siècle’; A Calendar Set – 12 Virtuosic Preludes

ETERNAL EVOLUTION: Music of Judith Lang Zaimont – The Harlem Quartet; Awadagin Pratt, piano (Navona Records [PARMA])

String Quartet ‘The Figure’; ZONES – Piano Trio No. 2; ASTRAL …a mirror life on the astral plain…; Serenade for violin, cello, piano

CHROMA: Northern Lights – Slovak National Symphony; Kirk Trevor, conductor (NAXOS CD Naxos 8.559619)

Chroma–Northern Lights; Ghosts; Elegy; STILLNESS

America’s Millennium Tribute to Adolphe Sax, Series 2, Volume 14 – Presidio Saxophone Quartet (AUR Recordings AUR CD 3131)

Parallel Play

Melville’s Dozen – Nicola Melville, piano (Innova Records B001E5PPE6)

Hitchin’ – a travellin’ groove

PRESTIDIGITATIONS: Contemporary Concert Rags – Judith Zaimont, piano; others (MSR Classics MS 1238)

Hesitation Rag; Serenade

American Women: Modern Voices in Piano Music – Nancy Boston, piano

Suite Impressions

ZAIMONT: Choral Music for Large Forces – Choral Society of Southern California; Everest Quartet; Nick Strimple, conductor; Sam Adler conductor (NAXOS CD Naxos 8.55944)

Meditations (At the Time of the New Year); A Woman of Valor

PURE COLORS – Young-Ah Tak, piano; Timothy Lovelace, piano; Tanya Reminkova, cello; Wendy Zaro-Mullins, soprano; Jean del Santo, mezzo-soprano (Albany Records CD Troy 785 )

Tanya Poems; Virgie Rainey: Two Narratives; Wizards: Three Magic Masters

CALLISTO: Music for Piano – Joanne Polk, piano (Albany Records CD, Troy 617)

Hesitation Rag; Jupiter’s Moons; Sonata

2001 Cliburn Competition Gold Medal Recital: Olga Kern – Olga Kern, piano (Harmonia Mundi CD 907289)

Impronta Digitale from SONATA for piano

BLEND – Members of Minnesota Orchestra (Jeanne Inc. CD)

3: 4, 5

Vitality Begun – Patricia Stiles, mezzo; Graham Cox, piano (Cavalli CCD 308)

Let it be Forgotten; Entreaty

reSOUNDings: Orchestral Music by Judith Lang Zaimont – Czech Radio Symphony; Leos Svarovsky & Doris Kosloff, conductors (Arabesque CD Z6742 [ArchivMusic])

Monarchs: Movement for Orchestra; Symphony No. 1

RADIANCE: Choral Music by Judith Lang Zaimont – Choral Society of Southern California ; Nick Strimple, conductor (4-Tay CD 4015)

Meditations (At the Time of the New Year)

The Vocal-Chamber Art : Music by Judith Lang Zaimont – Elena Tyminski, soprano; Pierce Brown, tenor; Charles Bressler, tenor; Judith Zaimont, piano; Nancy Allen, harp; Barbara Bogatin, cello; Patricia Spencer, flute; Roger Nierenberg, conductor (Leonarda CD 343)

Chansons Nobles et Sentimentales; Greyed Sonnets; Magic World, The; Songs of Innocence

Fluffy Ruffle Girls: Women in Ragtime – Virginia Eskin, piano (KOCH: Classical Arts NR 246-CD)

Reflective Rag; Judy’s Rag

Spring Beauties — The Ragtime Project – Virginia Eskin, piano (Koch International Classics CD 7440)

Hesitation Rag

When Angels Speak – Manhattan Wind Quartet (ALBANY RECORDS CD Troy 246)

When Angels Speak — Fantasy for Wind Quartet  

Women’s Voices: Five Centuries of Song – Neva Pilgrim, soprano (LEONARDA CD LE 338)

“Let it be forgotten” from Greyed Sonnets

ZONES: Chamber Music by Judith Lang Zaimont – Peter Winograd, violin; Peter Wyrick, cello; Joanne Polk, piano (Arabesque CD Z6683 (ArchivMusic))

Piano Trio No. 1: Russian Summer; Zones [Piano Trio No. 2]

NEON RHYTHM: Chamber Music of Judith Lang Zaimont – Karen Moratz, flute; David Krakauer, clarinet; Clinton Adams, piano; David Finckel, cello; Barry Dove, percussion; Doris Kosloff, conductor (Arabesque CD Z6667 (ArchivMusic)

Hidden Heritage (A Dance Symphony)

Summer Melodies — A Piano Album – Judith Zaimont, piano (4-Tay CD 4001)

Suite Impressions; “Evening”; Excerpts from Calendar Collection: June, July, August, September; Two Piano Rags – ‘Reflective’ Rag, Judy’s Rag; Nocturne – “La Fin de Siècle”

Character Sketches: Solo Piano Works by 7 American Women – Nanette Kaplan Solomon, piano (Leonarda CD LE 334)

Calendar Collection

The American Chamber Ensemble (LEONARDA CD LE 329)

From the Great Land

Florilegium Chamber Choir – Soli: Cheryl Bensman, soprano; Paul Kelly, tenor; William Sharp, baritone; Walter Hilse, organist; JoAnn Rice, director (LEONARDA CD: LE 328)

Parable: A Tale of Abram and Isaac; Serenade: To Music

A CALENDAR SET – Gary Steigerwalt, piano; Charles Bressler, tenor (LEONARDA 101)

A Calendar Set; Nocturne: La Fin de Siècle; Chansons Nobles et Sentimentales

THE MAGIC WORLD: Ritual Music for Three – David Arnold, baritone; Jonathan Haas, percussion; Zita Zohar, piano (LEONARDA 112)

SUNNY AIRS and SOBER – Gregg Smith Singers – Gregg Smith, conductor; Elaine Olbrycht, soprano; Pierce Brown, tenor; Roger Nierenberg, conductor; Nancy Allen, harp; Patricia Spencer, flute (GOLDEN CREST ATH #5051)

Sunny Airs and Sober; Three Ayres; Songs of Innocence; Greyed Sonnets