F-E Silverman: LEFT BEHIND (excerpt)

Concert: F-E Silverman: LEFT BEHIND (excerpt)Start Time: 00-00-00Date: 2016-11-30End Time: 00-00-00Location: Edith Mintzer, French hornLink: https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=1430121210335913&id=188134987867881&substory_index=0Concert Information: Israeli Womens Composer and Performers Forum Israeli Conservatory of Music Tel Aviv, Israel Read more »


Concert: F-E Silverman: SPEAKING ALONEStart Time: 00-00-00Date: 2016-11-19End Time: 00-00-00Location: Hristina Blagoeva, fluteLink: http://www.musefriends.org/festival-scheduleConcert Information: “New Music Collection” Multicultural Sonic Evolution Festival Long Island City, NY Read more »

Moravec: Featured Guest Composer

Concert: Moravec: Featured Guest ComposerStart Time: 00-00-00Date: 2016-11-11End Time: 2016-11-11Location: Georgetown University Link: https://www.evensi.us/friday-music-series-paul-moravec-composer-mcneir-auditorium/191824612Concert Information: Friday Music Series Department of Performing Arts Mcneir Auditorium Washington, DC Read more »

Zaimont: Beautifully Crafted

  “Judith Lang Zaimont’s music is beautifully crafted.” Jim Svejda, host of Los Angeles-based KUSC-FM’s “The Evening Program,” invites listeners to tune in on November 3 and listen when Zaimont is the featured composer of the program. The three-hour interview showcases several Zaimont works including: Monarchs: Movements for Orchestra; Pure, Cool (Water) – Symphony No. […] Read more »