A Toolbox of Knowledge

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On July 15, the New Jersey Symphony joins the Princeton University Department of Music to present the inaugural sessions of the Edward T. Cone Composition Institute.

Directed by composer Steven Mackey in conjunction with New Jersey Symphony music director Jacques Lacombe, the five-day Institute is a rich and multifaceted program that promotes new music and emerging composers. Four composers will participate in professional development seminars, compositional consultations and rehearsals of their works, and will hear their pieces performed live by the New Jersey Symphony. David Murray, Subito Music Publishing Manager, will present the career development seminar on professional score and materials preparation.

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Princeton University Department of Music

NJSO Music Director Jacques Lacombe comments: “To be a successful composer requires much more than a talent for writing music. A young composer needs to have a toolbox of knowledge about the music industry—everything from how to build a score to how to present oneself. One of the key ideas behind the Institute is to welcome industry leaders who can speak to these tools. David Murray will illuminate many facets of music publishing for these composers; having partners like Subito Music Corporation will greatly enhance the Institute experience.”

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Jacques Lacombe conducts the New Jersey Symphony; Photo: Fred Stucker, courtesy: New Jersey Symphony

David Murray adds, “It’s very important for young composers to understand the need to prepare and present materials that accurately and easily convey what and how they want to hear their scores played by the performing musicians. Modern notation programs are excellent tools for composers, but are not a substitute for an understanding of standard accepted editorial practice. The long-established tradition of music notation is clear and universal, and helps composers communicate their music in a way that will lead to gratifying performances for composers, performers and listeners.”

The Edward T. Cone Composition Institute runs from July 15 – 19, and the four featured-composers are Lembit Beecher, David Biedenbender, Daniel J. Choi, and Chris Rogerson. For more details and concert information, visit the New Jersey Symphony Orchestra.