Nancy Galbraith: “Sparkling” and Full of Life

– Stephen Schultz, flute

“Nancy Galbraith’s Effervescent Air is a piece that has her musical signature all over it: exciting and full of life.” Pianist Luz Manriquez introduces the composer’s new chamber work for amplified Baroque flute and amplified piano, with accompanying strings and two percussion players. The three-movement, 15-minute piece premieres on November 18th in Pittsburgh, as Manriquez joins flutist Stephen Schultz and the Carnegie Mellon Baroque Ensemble, conducted by Daniel Nesta Curtis.

– Luz Manriquez, piano

Manriquez continues, “Nancy’s music showcases challenging rhythms and creative instrumentation. The effect of the amplified Baroque flute and piano with echo, plus the chamber ensemble, gives a real ‘sparkling’ atmosphere.” Flutist Stephen Schultz comments, “I feel honored that Nancy continues to write such great music. Effervescent Air is the fifth piece that she’s written that includes parts for electric Baroque flute. I’ll be playing an 18th-century flute (made of grenadilla wood) with one key, and it will be amplified with added echo and delay effects. Always technically challenging by stretching what possibilities can be played on a Baroque flute, Nancy’s music is beautifully written and always a joy to play.” Manriquez adds, “We have had a wonderful time rehearsing it and are looking forward to the world premiere.”


 “Effervescent Air” features a solo amplified flute, solo piano, two percussionists, and a chamber string ensemble. Occasional echo effects from the two soloists are produced using delay effects pedals. The first and third movements – “Effervescent Air” and “Coal and Ice” – are light, airy, fast and rhythmic, and the middle movement – “Sylphine Sails” – is serene and reflective.”

– Nancy Galbraith


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