“Extra-musical” Inspiration

This summer, Dan Locklair traveled around the Mediterranean. This fall, he’s traveling again — first for a composer residency and September 17th performance of Dreamsteps at the Carolina Chamber Music Festival in New Bern, NC, followed by a trip in October to New York for the world premiere of Trumpets of Light on October 23rd.

Performed by trumpeter Lorraine Cohen and organist Matthew Phelps, Trumpets of Light was commissioned by The Reformed Church of Bronxville (NY) to celebrate the dedication of its new David Harris organ console. Inspired by Biblical texts from II Samuel, The Psalms, and St. Matthew, the 4-movement, 14-minute work is also “extra-musically inspired,” Locklair muses. “The common thread of these scriptures is light, an understandable link given the fact that the beautiful Reformed Church’s natural light sources are the 1944-1945 windows by Boston stained-glass artist, Charles J. Connick.”

“After working on Trumpets of Light, I am convinced that this piece will have an important place in American Organ repertoire. Dan effortlessly combines accessible music ideas with intelligent composition. It is an honor to be involved with the premiere.”
— Matthew Phelps, organ

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