Susan Kander – Works

Works List

Chamber Ensemble

And the Lamp Tilted Near Them (2019)
Instrumentation: Oboe, Violin, Violoncello & Piano
Duration: 20
Donkey, The Goat, and the Little Dog, The (2006)
for string quartet & narrator
Instrumentation: narr, stg qrt
Duration: 22'
Museum Pieces (2001)
Instrumentation: bassoon, string quartet
Duration: 20'
Once. Upon. A Time. (2017)
Instrumentation: Percussion Ensemble
Duration: 10
Two Tricky Tales (Brer Rabbit & Hermes) (2002)
Instrumentation: narrator, cl/bs, cl, flug/trp, vc , perc
Duration: 40'

Choral Music

News From Poems, The (2006)
settings of poems by William Carlos Williams
Instrumentation: SATB chorus, a cappella
Duration: 12'


Eight and Five Mostly (2006)
Instrumentation: solo vn; 2222; 2000; perc; stgs

Instrumental Music

A City Suite (2005)
Instrumentation: vcl, pno
Duration: 12'
And Then Not (2016)
Instrumentation: Clarinet & Percussion
Duration: 8
Duo for Violin & Cello (2016)
Instrumentation: Violin & Violoncello
Duration: 8
Etude for Two People and One Thing (2016)
Instrumentation: Clarinet, Tibeten Prayer Stones & Recorded Sound
Duration: 6'30"
For Tibor, Eight and Five, Mostly (2004)
Instrumentation: 2 vn, pno
Hermestänze (2013)
A Cycle for Violin & Piano
Instrumentation: Violin & Piano
Duration: 26
Lunch Counter, The (2009)
Instrumentation: Bassoon
Duration: 20
Moody Duos (2001)
six polytonal miniatures
Instrumentation: two violins
Duration: 4'
Pas de Deux (2006)
Instrumentation: clarinet, cello (chimes played by both)
Duration: 6'
Postcards from America (2009)
Instrumentation: oboe, piano
Duration: 15'
Solo Sonata (2002)
Instrumentation: violin and viola (one player)
Duration: 18'
Two Hornèd Demons (2003)
Instrumentation: violin, viola


dwb (driving while black) (2017)
Chamber Opera
Instrumentation: Femail Voice, Cello, Percussion
Duration: 45'
One False Move (2002)
Opera in One Act (based on a book by Rachael Simmons)
Instrumentation: Piano (available on rental only)
Duration: 35
She Never Lost a Passenger (1996)
A Short Opera
Instrumentation: Piano or Chamber Ensemble (Ob, Cl, Hn, Timp, Perc, Mar, Vibr, Pno, 2 Vn, Vc)
Duration: 40
The Giver (2012)
Opera in One Act (adapted from the novel by Lois Lowry)
Instrumentation: SA or SATB Chorus; picc/fl/afl, cl/bcl, tbn, perc, pno; 2 vn, vcl
Duration: 90

Orchestral Music

Miranda's Waltz (2009)
Instrumentation: narr, 1,2(af) 2,1 2(eb),1 bsx, 2(1); 4230; timp, perc, hp, pno(cel); stgs
Duration: 25'
The Red Dress
Instrumentation: Orchestra
Duration: 10

Piano Music

My Lucky (2017)
Instrumentation: Piano
Duration: 6'30:

Vocal Music

A Cycle of Songs (2000)
Instrumentation: soprano or mezzo-soprano, trumpet(s) or clarinet(s), piano
Duration: 30'
A Garden's Time Piece (2011)
Instrumentation: Soprano & Violin
Duration: 10'
First Person, Second Person, Third Person Singular: Volume 1 (2020)
Instrumentation: High Voice & Piano
First Person, Second Person, Third Person Singular: Volume 2 (2020)
Instrumentation: High Voice & Piano
Five Movements for My Father (2006)
Instrumentation: cl, vn, vc, pno
Duration: 25'
My Beautiful Brown Boy (2018)
Instrumentation: High Voice & Piano
Duration: ca. 4'
Partite Amercaine (2003)
Instrumentation: soprano, mezzo-soprano, violin, cello, harpsichord
Duration: 22'