Faye-Ellen Silverman – Discography

Faye-Ellen Silverman


Stories for Our Time: Music for Trumpet by Women Composers – Thomas Pfotenhauer, trumpet; Vincent Fuh, piano (MSR Classics)

Stories for Our Time

Joanna Ross Hersey: ZIGZAGS – Joanna Ross Hersey, tuba; William Bendrot, synthesizers, theremin, drum and percussion programming


Faye-Ellen Silverman: Transatlantic Tales – Volkmar Zimmermann, guitar; Per Dybro Sorensen, Kristian Gantriss, Mikkel Andersen, guitars; Malene Bichel and Sara Fiil, soprano; Maria Sook Garmark, clarinet; Jan Lund, tenor; Ninnie Isaksson, viola (TROY1250, Albany Records)

Processional; Three Guitars; In Shadow; Wilde’s World; Danish Delights; Pregnant Pauses

MANHATTAN STORIES – Lisa Albrecht, Mary Barto, Andrew Bove, Kari Jane Docter, Bruno Eicher, Ann Ellsworth, Jeanne Corinne Goffi-Fynn, David Jolley, Michael Lipsey, Jo Williamson, mezzo (TROY1055 (Albany Records) )

Dialogue Continued; Dialogue; Left Behind; Love Songs; Protected Sleep; Taming the Furies; Translations

Works by Faye-Ellen Silverman and Ralph Shapey – Contemporary Chamber Players University of Chicago, Aspen Music School Faculty; Joel Krosnick, Gilbert Kalish, Ronald Anderson, David Shostac (New World Records Catalog #: 80355 )

Passing Fancies; Restless Winds; Speaking Alone

Music for Velvet – Velvet Brown, tuba (Crystal Records CD693)


Points of Entry: The Laurels Project, Vol. Two: – Contemporary Works for solo flute by American women composers; Bryan Guarnuccio (Capstone CPS-8806 (Townhall Records))

Taming the Furies